M.A.D.E.’s expertise is the key to its success

M.A.D.E. was created to support professionals by helping them to analyse a constantly changing market and take advantage of all the resulting business opportunities. This is what makes it unique and incredibly relevant. It is also what makes it a real industry expert.

This expertise is what makes it possible to follow current food trends and plan for future ones.



Innovation and future food expert

Associate Manager of Manager-Healthy & Natural Cooking, by Alexandra Beauvais, Co-founder of the Centre Culinaire Contemporain, a platform for innovation through usage, Precursor of cooking classes and culinary marketing via the Cercles Culinaires de France. Freddy Thiburce’s career highlights his know-how in marketing-innovation, collective intelligence, and the creation of collaborative projects in the food sector:

  • Agri/agro/food project management;
  • Creation of the first cooking school for individuals
  • Several initiatives and innovative concepts, products, and services
  • Expert and Jury member: Ecotrophélia Fruits & Légumes (Interfel); CFIA Innovation Awards (Rennes); M.A.D.E. Awards (e.g., MDD Expo - Paris); Equip’hôtel (Paris).
  • Lecturer (he participated in the Digital Tech Conference (2018), D.School Paris Innovation Conference at Ecole des Ponts (2018) ...)
  • Co-founder with Jean-Michel LEMETAYER of the Centre Culinaire Contemporain, which was his idea (this project has received the double certification Innovation Platform (by the French state) and Living Lab (by ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs).
  • National Order of Merit since 2013

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Marketing director, NutriMarketing SA

  • Innovation Expert for various food groups,
  • Expert for various innovation competitions,
  • Trends hunter,
  • Innovation Tours Guide for international exhibitions (Food Ingredients, Health Ingredients, Vitafoods, SIAL, CFIA, SIRHA ...)
  • Speaker at international events,
  • Co-author of From Label to Plate: Truths and Lies about Food Products (ed. Vuibert),
  • Co-author of Additives and Manufacturing Aids in the Food Sector (ed. Tec & Doc Lavoisier)
  • Author of reports on various international exhibitions
  • Contributor to various media organisations,
  • Lecturer at ENSCBP (Bordeaux), ISA (Lille), Paris XIII (Bobigny)

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Designer consultant

Fabrice Peltier is a “design-packaging expert” who works to create eco-friendly packaging designs that are more respectful of the environment.

In the last thirty years, he has created more than 12,000 packagings for consumer products for SMEs and multinational companies. He regularly gives lectures and has reviewed packaging for Emballages Magazine for the last 20 years ...

He is also the author of books dedicated to packaging design: Water—A Source of Innovation, Boxes—A Futuristic Solution, Eco-design—Virtuous Circles, Art—Creative Exchanges, and Limited Series—Collector’s Item, published by Pyramyd and Design for Dummies, published by First, which has become the reference book on design for the general public

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Economic journalist specialising in consumer goods.

For almost 20 years, including 8 in the newsroom of LSA, he has hosted conferences on all topics related to consumers and the collaborative economy.

For the past 6 years, he has been an invaluable asset at M.A.D.E.:

  • Member of the Steering Committee,
  • Member of the jury that hands out the M.A.D.E. Awards,
  • Moderator of the lively Interviews & Controversies panel
  • Speaker at the exhibition itself.
  • He continues to appear in the written press, including some of the most influential publications: Zepros Métiers Restauration, Revue du Vin de France (catering), Décisions Durables in the sustainable development sector, and Alliancy (digital transformation).

Finally, he is the author of two books: Sharing Economy—The Digital Technologies Enabling Collaborative Exchanges, published by ACSEL in 2014 and E-commerce and Distribution. How the Internet Is Shaking Up Sales Channels, also published by ACSEL in 2009.

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